I can remember as a child taking my chore money and riding my bike to a nearby hardware store in Florida to buy my mother impatiens for her yard as an occasional gift. Maybe this was a sign of what was to come.

I started my career in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where I met and was trained by Pamela Hardcastle for several years in the art of floral design. She taught me about the movement of flowers, lush and beautiful floral design techniques as well as intricate details of flowers. From there I moved to Charleston, SC where I worked for Manny and Clara Gonzales at TigerLily Florist. I was fortunate to work with a great team of designers and there I learned about the retail, corporate and hotel floral industry as well as continued with wedding design and installations. Upon wanting to settle and grow some roots and a family, my husband and I relocated to Portland, Maine where I worked at Minott’s flowers, managing one of the locations and eventually coming the wedding coordinator. After over a decade of being in the floral design industry, I branched out on my own creating Emily Carter Floral Designs: a floral design studio specializing in weddings and events.

Inspired by art and everything around me, being creative for my clients and making sure that their wedding/event is cohesive and expresses them is my every day goal.  I am driven by the beauty of flowers and their natural beauty and the art that mother nature has given me to work with.  I take all elements into account as I pull together a cohesive design for my clients.  The location, attire, demeanor of the clients and their everyday passions play into my recommendations as a florist.  I work closely with my clients to ensure that no element of their wedding is going to fall out of place for the day.  I strive to provide each of my clients with the aesthetic that is exactly what they are looking for: a cohesive representation of them and their day that encompasses the season and surroundings that they are getting married in.  The minimum for booking with Emily Carter Floral Designs is $3500.

I also am the founder of Lobiloo, a software tool to help all florists around the world create image based estimates so that the floral community can be strengthened in our ability to convey designs to clients.  In 2018, I sold Lobiloo while staying active with a consulting role within the florist community.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for checking in!

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Headshot picture courtesy of Maine Tinker Photography